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Thinline Brakeaway grime til gressmaske

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ThinLine Flexible Breakaway Halter

Safe on to the field

  • Easy to fit the Flexible Filly Muzzle
  • Rub-free
  • More comfort
  • Super safe due to the leather breakaway strap

The turnout halter is designed for a very comfortable and secure fit. The halter is adjustable at the crown with a leather break-away piece for safety. The halter intentionally does not have an adjustable noseband and you might feel the noseband is a little roomy but we designed this for the best in rub-free comfort!

You can line the halter with our famous ThinLine foam, this will decrease the possibility of rubs!  And the ThinLine lining helps to eliminate skin fungus’ and protect sensitive faces. Lining sold separately here: Better Than Fleece Halter / Bridle Wrap

The ThinLine Flexible Breakaway Halter is designed for use with the Flexible Grazing Muzzle.

Designed for comfort, our ThinLine Flexible Breakaway Halter has features to make using and installing the Flexible Filly Muzzle easy. Our horse halter has strategically placed “keepers” for you to attach your muzzle.  These keepers ensure your grazing muzzle is secured in the right position. This ensures the muzzle will not shift while also remaining clear of horses’ lips and nostrils.

Too, you can see how the specially designed halter puts your muzzle in exactly the right place for the greatest comfort for your horse and ease of use for you.


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